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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 61: Rachael Dugdale

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 61: Rachael Dugdale Rachael is my good friend in real life! We met last summer when she started coming out to the stroller group that I lead at Athletic Annex in Broad Ripple. She lives right up the street from me! She is married to her husband Ryan and they have … more »

Carmel Marathon

Today I took the boys out to the Carmel Marathon to cheer for Glenn and several other friends who were running. I just love cheering people into the finish of a race. Glenn was pacing the 3:15 group for the marathon for his third year in a row. It’s his thing now I guess. He came in … more »

Training: Base Building

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Carmel Marathon yesterday!! What a beautiful day it was- a little hot for the runners, but perfect for those who were volunteering. I have organized water stops for this race for the past two years and for the first time I got to volunteer at one. I knew … more »

Training Log: March 2 – 8

Here comes another training log. Starting to feel like I am throwing together some consistent weeks and slowing bringing the mileage up. Back to back 60 mile weeks. 24 days in a row. I’ll take it at this point with the baby…well being a baby. We joined the Y recently as a family, aside from Lindsey … more »

Running since Jackson County

Not much has happened on the running front since Jackson County. That was in early December and the way it shook out the race left me 163 miles short of 3,000 with about 25 days left in December…or about 6.52  miles per day to hit 3,000. I had no intention or planned mileage goals at … more »

Good Stuff at the Carmel Marathon

It’s safe to say the Carmel Marathon was a big success on Saturday. I’ve had a lot of fun getting more involved with the event and have been thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Carmel Road Racing Group team these past few months. Since I decided to stay home with Marshall- … more »

Mohican Week 8 & Spring RACE Line Up!

Originally I had planned to start running at the beginning of the week but after some thought I decided to take another couple days. The achilles has been feeling a lot better recently but I didn’t want to push anything. I still have time on my side. At least for another couple of weeks.  The … more »