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Training: Base Building

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Carmel Marathon yesterday!! What a beautiful day it was- a little hot for the runners, but perfect for those who were volunteering.

I have organized water stops for this race for the past two years and for the first time I got to volunteer at one. I knew it would be a long day- I was so tried by the time we were headed home. I had a lot of fun cheering for people… cheering at marathons is for sure one of my favorite things to do. Love seeing people accomplish goals and work hard. I can’t even count how many people I got to cheer on yesterday and I was truly excited and happy to see each person.


Thank you Mandy and Tracy for coming out and volunteering with Athletic Annex!


Water Stopping it.

I also got to see most of the Pacers for the race come by our water stop. I managed the pacers the past two years as well and have met some awesome people through it. Big thanks to Glenn who always jumps in where I need him. He paced 3:15, our friend Ben paced 2:00, Scott jumped in for 3:25 and new friends through Scott- Wes & Danny paced 3:05 and 3:30. These are runners who just love to run.


Glenn, Wes and Scott

I won’t be managing the water stops and pacers in the future, since I have started working for Athletic Annex, I decided it was too much to juggle both. It was fun to be a part of for the past two years! The Carmel Road Racing Group really does put on great races that are very well organized- and A LOT goes into all of them.

On the training front, I had a big mileage increase two weeks ago- up to 41 miles and then this last week I dialed it back a bit- for two reasons… I was tired. I hadn’t taken a rest day in 8 days and the last week was probably a little aggressive. I was also just a bit busier than usual and am at no where in my training where I need to be frustrated about missing some runs. Just building my base.

Here’s what went down the past two weeks: 


Monday: 3.1 Mi @ 9:03 Mi + 45 Min TRX

Tuesday: 7.2 Mi @ 9:02 – Y Treadmill

Wednesday: 6.3 Mi @ 7:56 – Tempo Run – 35 Min @ 7:50 down to 7:30 for last 10 min

Thursday: 3.1 Mi @ 9:49 – with Cadence

Friday: 6.4 Mi @ 9:23 – Y Treadmill

Saturday: 3.7 Mi @ 8:58 – MK Loop

Sunday: 11 Mi @ 8:40 – South to downtown around white river and back

Total Mi: 41 Mi



Monday: 3 Mi @ 9:24 + 45 Min TRX

Tuesday: Rest. Tired & busier than usual

Wednesday: 8.4 Mi w/ @ 8:55 – Williams Creek

Thursday: Yoga – 1 Hr

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 2.4 Mi @ 8:23 (quick break from working water stop to run with Sarah W. during Carmel Half!)

Sunday: 11 Mi @ 8:38 (Hills in middle)

Total Mi: 25 Mi

I keep telling myself to make time to sit down and actually give myself a schedule to follow, but keep failing and putting other things ahead of that. (Like writing out this blog. 🙂 Glenn is to the crazy ultra point now where he goes out and runs 10 miles the day after pacing a marathon. He’s also taking the day off tomorrow and we are going to watch the marathon. WIN for me!!

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