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Episode 175: Heather Jenson

Heather Jensen is a 18 time marathoner and 2 time Ironman! Heather has an inspiring story of getting to the start line in Boston as she is running for her first time this Monday in 2019 after 10 years of making it a goal to get there. Heather ran her first marathon 10 years ago … more »

Episode 174: Sara Hall

Sara Hall is a 2:26 marathoner and a 1:09 half marathoner. She came to the marathon after an impressive career in track and cross country; she’s an XC National Champion. Sara will be headed to run the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day for the first time. She was planning to run Boston in 2018 but … more »

Episode 115: Krista Duchene Bonus

Krista Duchene placed third at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16th! If you haven’t listened to her first episode on this podcast – check back to episode 91 to learn more about her! She is known as Canada’s “Marathon Mom” with a Personal Record of 2:28 in the marathon – the second fastest marathon … more »

Episode 97: Des Linden

Des Linden is one of the most consistent American Marathoners of all time. She is fast, she is fiesty and she’s chasing down her big W. Des is a two-time Olympian in the marathon and has placed second at Boston, Chicago and the US Olympic Trials. She holds a marathon PR of 2:22:38. Des is … more »

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 75: Jessica Hofheimer

For Episode 75 of I’ll Have Another Podcast, I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Jessica Hofheimer. Jessica is the mother of three and she lives on the east coast with her kids and husband Robert. She is a runner, a new swimmer, a pilates instructor, a running coach and so much more. Jessica … more »

Feeling STALE.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt in prime shape. I’ve been feeling pretty stale with not much to write about. (Your welcome… who wants to read something with no feeling, I won’t post something just to post something). I usually think of things I want to write about when I’m running- clearly that hasn’t … more »

Boston 2014 Recap

When Boston registration opened last year I had decided I wasn’t going- then a couple days after registration opened, I gave in to the pressure of everyone else registering.  I felt like I’d be missing out on something incredibly special in the running community if I didn’t go. I decided if I would run, I’d … more »

You’re stronger than you think you are.

Glenn and I headed out for a hilly 17 miles yesterday in Bloomington. I was excited to run long together, because we haven’t done that in forever. I was also a little nervous about my hamstring though. I can feel it a lot more when running uphill and if you’ve ever ran in Bloomington, you … more »