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One Week Out.

I’ve worked hard. 
I’ve pushed myself. 
My body is prepared. 
My mind is prepared. 
That’s what the key workouts were for. 
I’ve executed in workouts when I needed to execute, I’ve recovered when I’ve needed to recover. 
These are all things I need to remember on race day. I’ve been really anxious about the race for a week or so and it just needs to stop. When I’m nervous for something, I have a hard time enjoying the rest of the stuff in my life. Whether it’s being nervous about a race, something health related, a work event, anything- when I get anxious, it wins and I’m trying really hard to not let it.
Some things I need to remember when I’m anxious now and next Sunday when I the head games start up :

  • Run with a grateful heart
  • Be thankful for the opportunity to do what I love 
  • Be excited about the new goal I CAN accomplish
  • Run Happy 
  • Run with Confidence 
  • Be Encouraging to other Runners
  • Pick someone to pray for every 2-3 miles
  • Think about those who have overcome much more than I to get to the start line
  • Thank Volunteers- whether it’s a verbal thank you, a smile or a head nod
  • Think about new goals (1st triathlon on deck) & how exciting it will be to pursue those once this goal is accomplished 
  • Visualize the finish line and how it will feel- always visualize the finish line
  • And when the finish line seems really far away- get in the moment and work on the mile or stretch I’m on at that time.
I get it- this list is full of rainbows and butterfly’s.  I know I won’t always be in the mental state to hone these thoughts in during my entire 26.2. I know it will feel really hard at times and I’ll be thinking screw the stupid list, I’ll try though.
My race plan is to warm up for the first 3-4 miles and get into my groove. If I run smart, strong and listen to my body, I hope to be able to finish the last 5K-10K hard. 

Last longish run before Shamrock on the monon.

We took advantage of the awesome weather today and Glenn rode his bike while I pushed the stroller for my last 10 miler. We ran around 8 minute miles most of the time- I felt pretty good and chill but am glad race weekend is next weekend, because there’s a reason for that last taper week.

I was also able to get a massage today- used a gift certificate I’ve been waiting to use since May! I figured I might as well really treat my body good. I have to say though- this lady put the hurt on, and went a little crazy on my neck, which now hurts when I look to the right. It feels like I slept on it wrong or something. Annoying, but whatever.

We are heading out Friday and driving to D.C. to see my sister and her fiance. Saturday morning, we’ll get up and head over to VA Beach for the race. Race day is Sunday and call me crazy, but we are driving home 12 hours right after the race.

Marshall is staying home and Grandparents are taking care of him. I’ve left him overnight a few times, but never without him being with Glenn. I know he’ll be in the best possible hands, and it will be great for us to get out on our own, but I’ll be anxious to get home to his sweet cheeks.

How do you handle pre-race anxiety? Any and all tips are welcome!

Are you running Shamrock? Where’s a good pre-race place to eat in VA, Beach?

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