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So long recovery week, I had fun….

Recovery week is coming to an end.

I’m getting ready to head out for an easy nine with some Back on My Feet peeps.

The recovery week is beautiful. Although it’s funny, during this “down time” I had five, nine mile runs on the schedule. (I broke them up a little differently than originally scheduled, taking no rest day and shortening Wednesday & Friday’s runs a bit)  I’ve kept them all around 8:00-8:20 pace and it felt good. It can be difficult to think of how much faster and harder the actual race will be when you train so much slower for an entire week, but I know it does a body good and I enjoyed all of the carefree running.

This coming week, the training is pretty intense and the long run is pretty scary. What’s important is, it will keep me honest about the work I need to do to get where I want to be at the finish line at Shamrock.This is my last big push before tapering. I fully intend on working my hardest this week to ensure that my body is physically ready to take on the challenge and that mentally I know I can do it.

The race is going to hurt. I can already hear the mental games that will go down and I’m already working on the positive mind games I will play back.

Here’s a look at what I was up to last week and what’s ahead for next:

Rest Week:

Monday – 9 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Tuesday – 9 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Wednesday – 6 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Thursday – 6 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Friday – 7 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Saturday – 9 Mi at 7:30-8:21

Total Miles: 46

*You’ll notice, the pace range is the same on easy days for the rest week and the build week, however on the rest week I generally keep it closer to 8:00-8:15 and build week I keep it closer to 7:30-7:50.

I like having the option to speed up or slow down in those ranges though, in case I’m having an off day or just feel like picking it up. 

Next Week:

Monday – 10 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Tuesday – 10 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Wednesday – 10 Mi, 6 at 7:03
Thursday – Rest/XT
Friday – 10 Mi at 7:30-8:21
Saturday – 20 Mi, 5 X 3 Mi at MP (7:26)

Total Miles: 60

After this week, I’ll be three weeks out. Every time I get nervous, I tell myself it’s just a run and I should go out and enjoy… BUT I want to run fast and running fast for 26.2 ain’t easy. 

One of the best practices (which I think many runners do), is envisioning myself crossing the finish line in the time I desire and thinking about how amazing it will feel to accomplish that. I think about that during training runs and I’ll think about it during the race as well. Mile 3, Mile 10, Mile 18, Mile 22- the whole time, finish line, I’m coming for you. 
We plan to drive home from VA Beach, same day as the marathon. And by WE, I mean Glenn will drive, I will ride. We aren’t taking Marshall on the trip, so I’ll be eager to get home, plus we don’t want to spend an extra night at a hotel. Cheap we are. We actually drove home right after Piney Point two years ago, when Glenn ran a 3:05 and I ran 3:24- yes sitting in the car for 12 hours after running a marathon hard is not comfortable, but yes it’s doable. 

Any advice on some good POSITIVE mental games to play on race day?

What is your best strategy for coping with race nerves? 

Have you ever jumped in the car for a 12 hour road trip right after a marathon? 
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