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Not your typical Tuesday.

No big deal, just heading to the hospital to have a prophylactic double mastectomy tomorrow. This is something I’m not shocked about. I’ve known the probability that I had the BRCA 2 gene Mutation was 50-50 ever since we found out my mom had it a few years ago. They say 50-50, but I knew in my heart I had it all along.
When I found out I was positive, I knew I’d go through with the surgery right away. So, three months later, here we are.
People tell you you’re brave. And it makes you feel brave. People tell you you’re strong, and you feel strong. People tell you they love you, and you feel THE LOVE.
I’m waking up tomorrow morning and I’m doing the damn thing. Surgery is scheduled for 12pm and expected to take about 4 hours. Feel free to book me in your schedule for some prayer at some point during that time.
I’m a little scared and a little anxious, but I do believe the prayers are working because I’ve been much more calm than I’d ever imagined. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my peace pre surgery.
During this process, I’ve been reminded how meaningful a simple note of encouragement or support can be for someone. Nothing like some mid day tears while waiting in line at target when I see an email come through from someone unexpected or coming home to a card in the mail.
On Saturday, I was planning on meeting a couple of my friends for book club and what I didn’t know is they had actually planned a going away party for my boobs. That’s right. Bye, bye boobies. There was no stopping the tears when I walked in the door. Although I tried, because I spent more time than usual on my makeup. Which means 10 minutes instead of 5, but still. It made me feel really special and reminded me that I am lucky to have meaningful, real friendships and people who will be there no matter what.
The group- with my very pregnant sister on the far right!
Cupcakes from Holy Cow Cupcakes- soooo good.
I waited to read these until the next day. Didn’t need more tears, we were ready to have a fun night.
This bartender had these boobs on his shirt, so naturally I needed a picture.
My loves. Thank you girls for making me feel so very loved.
So here we are, ready set go. Ready to get on with the rest of our lives and use this experience to be stronger than before.
I’ve appreciated each and every word of encouragement and all of the prayers. Much Love.

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