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Just providing an update post surgery over here!

Waiting Room, Pre Surgery

I had been pretty calm going into this surgery, but I think anytime you’re being put under anesthsia you get a little nervous. Then I started filling out my paperwork and the receptionist asked me if I had a living will. I immediately thought about how Kanye West’s mom died when having some kind of plastic surgery and immediately wondered if I might die.

Glenn thought about Seinfeld when Kramer watched the movie “The other side of darkness” and wanted the plug pulled… until he finished the movie and the girl work up.

Then he seriously asked me what my intentions were if he had to make a decision and I told him to shut up and not to bring that up again. Told him, I trusted him more than I trusted myself to make the best decision. So, there’s that.

Then I pictured my plastic surgeon (Dr. Grasee- LOVE HER.) laughing at me for thinking like that and got calm again. 

When I had the mastectomy, the anesthesiologist gave me versed before they even rolled me back to the operating room because I was so anxious. I requested this again, but before he came back to give it to me, the nurse was rolling me away.

I did not like going to the operating room awake. Makes it seem too real. Although, not as weird as having a c-section when they roll you away awake and you STAY awake as they cut you open. As we were entering the room, he was running out saying he was coming for me, but apparently this nurse was ready to get things going though. So, as I was transferring from the rolling bed to the operating bed, he said put the versed in my IV and said I’d start feeling tired. I saw it go in and as I was wondering how long it would take to make me fall asleep, the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. So weird!

In my recovery room there was an old man they were waking up too and I remember I just kept looking at him wondering why we were hanging out together and why I was awake but he was not. No hospital stays this time though, we were out and on the road within an hour or so of surgery.

Here is a really unflattering picture of me post surgery:

In a haze.

And on the car ride to Bloomington, I dozed on and off with my mouth wide open and spilled an entire can of coke. Coming out of being doped up is a funny thing, because you think you’re not doped up, but you really still are.

This surgery has left me feeling pretty sore and very swollen, but nothing like the mastectomy as far as pain.  You can’t even compare the two. The first surgery was not only very physically exhausting, but it was very emotionally exhausting as well. This time, I’m coming through the other side.

I’m enjoying my down time right now, but am only on day 3 (including surgery day), so I’m sure I’ll start getting ansy after a week or so. I had the house (my parents house) to myself for almost a full two hours yesterday. Glenn and Marshall went to Wonderlab and on an ice cream date, and my parents ran some errands. I tell you, I can’t remember the last time I was home alone and it was beautiful and quiet and peaceful. We are posted up here, so Glenn can go to work tomorrow and my mom can help with Marshall. Plus, there house is much spacier than ours and the three of us cooped up in our house for days on end is never pleasant. No where to hide!

And in case you were wondering- YES, Marshall wears this shirt he’s wearing in the picture below every time it is clean. No other shirt in his closet can compete with the “Best Day Ever” shirt. It’s like Jerry’s “Golden Boy” shirt.

That’s all for now. My mom took Marshall to church, Glenn’s downstairs on the treadmill, and I’m going to take some pain meds and watch the Wire. Peace out!

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