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Lindsey the Low Key Runner

Ever since the big PR’s in Piney Point, I have been quite the low key runner. I’ve made myself believe it is difficult to get “real” training runs in. While this is not entirely true…. really I just like to make excuses as most people do!  My the struggle has been between running with Back on My Feet three times a week and running with the Legacy Team once a week, I’m finding myself not making the time for my own runs. And trust me, there is plenty of time I’m not even that busy…. really… I just also really like to lay on the couch and watch the DVR a little too much. The current time consuming obsession is getting through the last two seasons of Lost.

Here is why and how I find myself making excuses….Monday, Wednesday, Friday the alarm goes off at 4:45am and we get to practice at 5:30.  Even though the runs are 1-4 miles, it’s still 6:45 by the time I get home and I’ve lost motivation to run or workout before work, and then I tell myself… at least I did something. And don’t even try to get this girl to do her own runs on Thursdays.  On Thursdays I get to Legacy practice with the kids at 3:00pm and am there until 6:00…. on my feet for over two hours, running/walking/yelling at kids the get their butts moving. Since most kids do a run/walk, 9 miles takes every bit of 2 hours and once you calculate stretching, announcements and the whole deal… you are quickly at three hours.

So now we’ve also decided to do a weekly “office” run.  Beth wants to train for the half marathon some of our Back on My Feet team members will do in June. I’m going to do her long runs with her, which I am really excited about!  I love being with people when they cross off an accomplishment in their running journey.  Last Friday, we set out to do 6 miles, which was her farthest distance to date. I decided to just wing the route and base it on time and how many blocks we ran.  Of course I wanted to make sure we overshot the distance instead of going under, so we ended up doing 6.8 miles, which felt awesome… and next week we’ll run 8.  Yay!  She’s addicted already.

So between all of this awesomeness I’ve gotten myself involved in- I just need to figure out how to make time for some “me” runs. I LOVE sharing the experience with other people, so if someone I know wants to run with me…YES – when and where… I’m there. 

I think I need to make myself a promise and commit to saving three times a week for me… a long run, a speed workout and a strength training day. I can balance it all, I just have to commit.

Regardless of when and how I get my runs in, one thing holds true whether I am running alone or with other people I am building relationships with…. I am doing what I was meant to be doing. I am so fortunate to be given the opportunity to share my love and passion with so many wonderful people.

Back on My Feet crew the morning of our first 5K. Amazing day.

Glenn and his running partner Mitch. Speedsters!

The whole crew!

Legacy Practice. Camel back full of waters.

With some of the girls on Team Legacy

My wonderful seniors of course! Training for the 5K.

Team Legacy! On mile 3 of 10!

The girls working hard.
With my friend James on Team Progress House

Glenn and Mitch 
First staff run complete…. in the rain. =)
Looking forward to many more runs with all of my new friends.
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