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16 Miles, Hoosiers… 50 degrees in January.

Yesterday we had 16 on the schedule. Glenn’s hamstring has been bothering him and he had a few too many IPA’s last night, so he decided to run with me. His long easy run pace range is 6:30-7:30, while mine is 7:30-8:30. My sister watched Marshall and we headed up to Carmel to run the course.

The fog was thick and kind of cold. The roads were pretty busy, but thankfully in Carmel- there are sidewalks and paths everywhere, so we didn’t have to run on the road much. I understand the advantage of running on the marathon course but I don’t think I’ll do it again more than once or twice. It was inconvenient to drive up and added time to the whole process, which is already long. These days I’m in the game of making the most of my time more than ever and this process won’t cut it.
Glenn had a bad run, I had a whatever run. We both needed a bathroom break 1.5 miles in and creeped around in an elementary school that was having a little kids basketball tournament to find one. I guess we didn’t look too shady in our running gear and sweat. For some reason I thought the parents would be more cautious about randos walking into the school, but they welcomed these runners with open arms.

We ended up averaging 7:45 pace, (splits here on daily mile) running pretty consistently the whole time. By mile 11, we were both over it though and  looking at our watches every 2 minutes. We were both thankful to be done. My legs started feeling tired around mile 8… which is kind of discouraging. It always freaks me out when I feel tired early on in a long run at a pace much slower than my projected race pace. I know we aren’t tapered and there will be days like this, it is what it is.

Post 16

About running in Carmel- drivers weren’t very nice about sharing the road… maybe the just didn’t see us?.  lot’s of round-a-bouts, I still hate round-a-bouts, lot’s of nice parks and pathways, lot’s of active people out and about (although I think that was mostly the weather), and lot’s of fancy SUV’s.

Regardless of how much I want to or how much I don’t want to do my Saturday long run when I wake up- it’s a guarantee that the rest of the day/weekend will feel more productive and in general BETTER once it’s done.

The rest of the day was filled with babysitting our niece Giovanna, watching Hoosier basketball with my dad, a walk on the monon, drinks on the patio at Mo & Johnny’s, (in January, 50 degrees… what?!) some reading, a couple of gossip girl episodes and a little Miss America before bed. (well Miss America for me, Football for Glenn)

Heading to the monon
First ride in the new wagon. She loved it.
Cadence being a good girl on the patio.
Don’t be fooled, entertaining himself didn’t last long…
Marshall’s first time in the big boy bath. Probably could have done this sooner. 

This video is even cuter than the picture. 

Ready for Sunday. We will baby proof the house today, we will baby proof the house today. 
Also, Stay tuned for Glenn’s post on taking a week off from running. And he might be taking a week off running, but he just walked in the room and told me he’s done 50 push ups this morning. I’ve also been hearing some weird noises coming from the living room, core work?
Do you do your long runs on Saturdays or Sundays? Any weekday Long runners?

How many miles did or do you plan on doing for your long run this week?

What, no long run? What did you think about the Hoosiers, Miss America and this crazy warm January weather?!
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