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Marathon weekend is here

Just like the title suggests the race weekend is here. We are leaving today after work to head east towards Washington D.C.  I am excited to see how the race goes. We trained well for an extended period of time but then kind of got thrown off a little when the incredible Back on My Feet opportunity came along for Lindsey. How crazy and awesome that has been recently is probably worth another blog. But anyway for whatever reason my hamstrings have been extremely sore the last couple of days. I really noticed it yesterday when I went to do some of our active streching with Team HVAF on our wednesday morning run with Back on My Feet. When I touched my toes I thought “oh man that can’t be good”. I am only speculating here but I hit some core work pretty hard on Tuesday, sometimes I can’t help myself, and I think some of the moves I did put some extra strain on the glutes and hams and thus I am now sore three days before the race. But luckily it is three days before the race so I am confident that I will be ready come 7:15 Sunday….if not there will always be another race. So we’ll see how it goes. Okay heading out now to get home and hit the road. Hope to make it at least half way tonight.


P.S. We have determined the culprit of the leg soreness! Based on talking to some other people at the BoMF runs this week it is the “active” toe touch stretches. Who would ever think that a stretch would do this? The legs feel better now but we will see tomorrow. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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