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Road Trippin’ to the Lower Potomac

We are currently en route – road tripping it to Maryland to run the Lower Potomac River marathon on Sunday. Fortunately this marathon is close to D.C., so we will be making a pit stop to check out where Ericka works and go to dinner tonight.

We headed out after work yesterday at 6:00pm, God decided it was going to snow and we would have bad weather, so we stopped earlier than expected at 10:30 in Cambridge, OH. We got some much needed good sleep last night- I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed a solid night of sleep. The past two weeks I have been averaging out at 4-5 hours, and I am very much a 7-9 hour kind of girl.

The road trip has consisted of –

1. One terrible stop to the worst Arby’s I’ve ever been to. We really only stopped there because I wanted some jalapeño poppers, turns out I don’t really know how to order at Arby’s and we ended up with these potato popper things that were not delicious. Another downside to the Arby’s stop was that my sandwich had an entire jar of mayonnaise on it, and naturally I was paranoid about getting food poisoning from the mayonnaise anyway, that I only ate ¼ of a sandwich. The last terrible part of the Arby’s experience was that I threw all the trash in the Arby’s bag and threw the bag in the back seat. We get into the hotel and Glenn’s pants and sweatshirt have ranch all over them. I guess I was sloppy with the trash bag.

2.1 texting truck driver (scary!)

3. 1 argument about how to drive

4. 1 discussion on awkward conversations with people you don’t want to talk – I tried to bring up a recent situation where this happened and Glenn blew someone off. I can’t put my finger on who it was and it’s driving me crazy!

5. Talk about the Ultra Red Eye Relay Team we are signing up for this summer

6. Talk about how our hamstrings are sore from doing active toe touch stretches – are you kidding me?! This better clear up before Sunday Morning.

7. Speculation on what to wear for the race on Sunday – race temp starts at 35 – ends at 55 and sunny….. hmmmm.

8. Drove through 6 states to get to where I will run a marathon in my 7th state, Glenn his 8th.

9. Listening to the “Decemberists” album about 10 times

10. Other albums included, matchbox 20 (which I got yelled at for), John Legend, RHCP, Garth Brooks, North Mississippi Allstars and Paulo Nutini

11. 6 bottles of water

12. 1 package of fruit snacks

13. 2 turkey subway sandwiches, 2 bags of garden salsa chips, ½ reeses fast break bar (I freaked out when I realized there were 460 calories in this thing, so I threw almost half out the window)

14. The most annoying Pilot Gas station in the world – I’ve never seen a place try to up sell so much in my life! – At subway – Do you want to make your 6 inch a foot long? Extra turkey? Extra cheese? Add bacon? Large drink? Add cookies? As if this wasn’t bad enough, when we went to check out for our bottled water and fast break – they tried to up sell us on another bottle of water and fast break.

15. Chilling memories from the Bike Trip back in September as we drove through the mountains.  (No thanks, I do not wish to ride my bike down a 1500 ft. descent in the rain on a highway ever again! – I would be up for another bike trip though without the highways!)

16. AND…. How many hours did I spend on my phone facebooking and acting like I know how to twitter around? Probably 5.

Overall the road trip has been uneventful, but kind of fun. As we approach marathon day, I am feeling at ease. When we started training for this race the hope was for us both to PR. Glenn wants to run a 3:10 and I want to run a 3:30.

Due to the fact that I have lost some focus on training recently, since I started my new job on Friday and have been transitioning from the old job, I haven’t been sleeping/resting enough, or eating that great for that matter. (My stress eating has consisted of lot’s of Girl Scout cookies…..) I have decided to take the pressure off of trying to PR with a 3:30…..I haven’t let it go completely, but I have made it clear in my head that I am ok with just doing what my body tells me to do. This takes major pressure off, and who knows might make me run faster. I am A OK with just having a fun race though.

Race updates to come soon!

Current countdown to race: 21 hours.

Signing Off,

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