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2012 Racing

Mercedes Marathon – Birmingham, AL February 12, 2012

This was my big target through out the winter and I attacked it with everything that I had. Coming off a disappointing showing in Miami for the Half Ironman, I kind of threw myself right back into training mode after two weeks off. Some people say I ran the risk of burn out but I knew I was good to go. I was mentally strong to push the marathon and my body felt strong to handle the training through winter.
Birmingham was a big success for me.  A very nice PR of 2:56:22 on a deceptively hilly course (at least for me)…almost a full nine minutes from what I did in Piney Point last spring. For that day on that race course the 2:56 was the best time that I could have ran but I know there is more out there for me to grab. But for the time being I am going to enjoy being a sub 3 marathoner and wait for next goal to present itself in time. No need to rush it. It will come.
Boston Marathon – Boston, MA April 16, 2012
After running my first marathon with Lindsey (San Diego RockN’ Roll) in 2008 I never envisioned myself with the speed needed to qualify for Boston. The first one was a very painful 3:48 and change. After four years, 10 marathons, and endless miles I will be toeing the start line in Hopkington, MA in a couple of weeks and will cross the finish line 26 miles later as an official Boston Marathon runner. I have no plans what so ever to “race” Boston. This one will be for fun. I put my work already for this race. See Piney Point 2011. The current plan is to run somewhere in the neighborhood of 3:10-3:15…but we will see how it goes. I am kind of sad that I do not get to share this moment with Lindsey. (The real runner who qualified for Boston in her first marathon)
We will be traveling with my parents to Boston and will have two full days in New England to just hang out. Besides getting some Boston Marathon swag and taking my picture by the sign in Hopkington, MA I am looking forward to a mini vacation and taking in my the sights and sounds the Patriot’s Day race has to offer.
500 Festival Mini Marathon – Indianapolis, IN May 5, 2012
This race kind of came out of nowhere. Despite that, I’m excited to race this distance. It has been a long time since I have specifically set out to race a half marathon. My current unofficial best half was in February at Mercedes when I came through the half way point at 1:26…on a hilly course in the middle of a full.           
I have already begun my transitions toward Iroman base building so I am not doing any running specific for this race besides making sure  I am getting in a weekly tempo or speed workout. Despite this, I am confident that I can run in the low 1:20-1:22…which would be a great get for me. The only thing that has me a bit concerned is my placement in the starting corrals. The Indy Mini is the biggest half in the country and I was unable to obtain seeding since I signed up so late so I am curious how far back I will get placed. I would really hate to spend 8 miles dodging traffic. I might just have to do a little gate hoping right before the gun time and cozy into the A corral.
High Cliff Triathlon (Half Iron Distance) – Lake Winnebago, WI June 16, 2012
Brian Meyer, who I am doing IMWI with in September, came up with this race. It will fit nicely into the Ironman prep to test out the fitness, recon Wisconsin a little and get back into the triathlon endurance mindset. I don’t really have any expectations for this race but after a disappointment in Miami last October it would be nice to have strong Half Iron race under my belt.
Ironman Wisconsin – Madison, WI September 9, 2012
The big one! It seems so long ago that I signed up for this race. It sold out in a little over 24 hours an entire year before race day. At this point into the racing season (it hasn’t really started for a lot of people) I am pretty excited about the challenge of a full distance triathlon. I have no idea what to expect come race day but I am looking forward to it for sure.
I’ve been slowly building some bike strength and have been getting back into the water for a couple of weeks now. If I can keep up with my cycling I think I will be in a good spot come September. It should really start to pick up intensity after Boston and especially after the Mini in May.
I went mountain biking the other day with a guy who happened to be the founder of Headsweats. He was talking Ironman, his company is heavily involved in the sport, and he made a great observation. He told me for the first Ironman be careful not to put so much mental stress on yourself that you become overwhelmed and pace yourself because it is a long day. Seems like great advice to me! I look forward to the mental and physical challenge.
A couple of Sprint or Olympic distance races just for fun. Last year I really enjoyed doing the shorter races leading up to Ironman Miami and I think I might throw in a couple this year. These distances are so much different than the long/ultra distance races that I am use too and I love the “all-out” nature they present. Indy and the surrounding communities have a great triathlon season so I will have a wide variety of choices when it comes to sprints/Olympics to choose from.
Be consistent and Be smart. You will see results.
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