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Episode 281: Sara Hall – 2nd Place at the London Marathon, 2:22:01

Sara Hall had an amazing performance at the London Marathon on October 4th – placing 2nd to World Record Holder Brigid Kosgei and outkicking World Champion Ruth Chepngetich.  Sara was the first American to cross the finish line and ran a lifetime PR of 2:22:01.

Sara is a returning guest on this podcast- this is her 5th appearance on the show so it’s safe to say she’s a favorite around here! Make sure you check out her other episodes on the show – Episode 11, Bonus Episode Post CIMEpisode 174, and Episode 208 live in NYC.

In this episode you’ll get to hear all about the race in London, training through the pandemic and what she has her sights set on next. (The Marathon Project!)

(Picture is from live show in NYC November 2019)


What we talked about

4:50- What Sara is currently up to and how she has been doing since the marathon

6:20- What her experience was after a disappointing performance at the Olympic Trials and then races being cancelled

9:50- The training for the half marathon that she did this summer and the feelings of burnout that she felt during some of that training

12:40- How she turned her training around from feelings of burnout to some of the best training of her life leading up to the London Marathon

15:45- How she stayed internally motivated during the race with the unique conditions at the London Marathon

17:10- The pacers that there were in the race

20:55- Her communication with her husband/coach Ryan Hall during the race

22:30- Her feelings of redemption at the London Marathon

24:30- The feelings of excitement that built up during the race as she moved up and eventually took over 2nd place

30:20- How she goes into races believing in herself that she can compete with the best

32:40- The celebrations after the race

33:30- Comparing this race to previous performances such as the Berlin Marathon

39:30- Biggest takeaways from the race

41:35- Thoughts on the potential of doing the track and field Olympic trials

42:55- Plans to race The Marathon Project

46:00- A book that she has been reading & recommends


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