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What I’m Loving November 2023 Edition

I used to keep up with these what I’m loving, reading, watching, listening to posts over on the good old instagrams and thought I’d bring that love over here on the good old blog. I’m always looking for a good idea for a new book to read or artist to listen to…. or podcast of course. Some might say I’m a little podcast obsessed hosting three shows of my own every week. 

Here it goes!

What I’m loving:

  • New Hollister Jacket – I lost my big winter coat. How does that even happen? Anyway this isn’t a big one it’s more of a warm bomber jacket but it’s cute and I think I’ll get more use of of it here in NC. Maybe next winter I’ll replace the big one. 
  • Fancy Tea – I bought a fresh press and now it’s my afternoon ritual. I found a cute little tea shop downtown Raleigh (Tin Roof Teas) and that will be my new spot I purchase from. 
  • Oliveda – This is new skincare that my friend Stacey introduced me to and I’m obsessed with it. It’s waterless I started with the anti wrinkle aging set and am hooked. Just bought the moroccan mint mouth oil too. It’s getting out of hand TBH. I also love their Honey Enzyme Mask and use it twice a week before bed. All about that bedtime routine. This is my I’m 40 era and I’ll buy expensive good quality skin care. This is a European brand that puts 100% bioactive ingredients into their topical skin and ingestible products. This is not a water based skin care company— the skin care is based on the highly anti-inflammatory olive leaf cell elixir which makes it very impactful and results driven. 

What I’m Reading:

 The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver

 Notes on Hope, Anne Lamott

 Romantic Comedy – Curtis Sittenfeld 

What I’m Listening to:

 – The Popcast (always)

 – Noah Kahan (Where has he been all my life. Just the best)

 – Just finished Britney Spears book on audible (I defintiely recommend this one on audible. I love a book like this on audible and Michelle Williams reads it and does a hilarious Justin Timberlake impression)

What are are you loving, reading or listening to?

** Note- the amazon links and Oliveda are affiliate links!

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