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2016 Goals – No January Booze?!

We are starting January off with a no booze at the house for the entire month. WUT. If you know Glenn, you know he loves a good IPA. If you know me, you know I love a good buzz. I’ve got no problem with the extra winter layer that has settled in, but we figured eliminating some … more »

Out for a Run Jersey Giveaway!

We ordered Out for a Run Jersey’s over the fall and I’ve been lazy getting them up on our site. We now have them for sale HERE. But before you venture over to purchase one- let’s see if  you might win one. Below are some pictures of the shirt – Out for a Run logo on the … more »

Not My Race to Recap!

This is not my race to recap. BUT, I can’t help myself and want to write a few things. I am so incredibly proud of my husband- on Saturday he ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2:49:05. I’m so proud of the very smart race he ran. We talked about it in detail about how … more »

Glenn Training Update

Week 12 – Glenn Monumental Training 75.4 Miles 9 runs 2 workouts Going into the week, I was really only focused on 2 runs: Wednesday’s mile repeats and Saturday’s long run with MRP miles…with really the focus being Saturday. It was  going be another 20 miles with my first set of marathon race pace. Up until … more »

Glenn’s Mohican 50 Race Report

I started the recap and then stopped so we are now a little over two weeks removed now. Lets see what I remember. The big goal race for the spring has come and gone. It was a great day! Great course, great trail, great running…do you sense a theme? I was extremely happy with my … more »