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What’s Going On:

What’s been going on around here…..  Plantar Fasciitis Update (you totally care about that right?!): While my plantar fasciitis isn’t totally gone- I CAN run again. Hooray! It had become so bad while I was training for Boston and during Boston that I really had to give myself some time to heal. I took around 6 weeks … more »

Mohican Weekend!

We are heading to Mohican tomorrow for Glenn’s 50 Miler! I’m so excited! Marshall is going to be hanging with my Grandma all weekend- I’m taking him down to Bloomington today. We are so fortunate to have my Grandma available to watch him. She’s been battling ovarian cancer for the past 6 years and just … more »

Mohican Week 8 & Spring RACE Line Up!

Originally I had planned to start running at the beginning of the week but after some thought I decided to take another couple days. The achilles has been feeling a lot better recently but I didn’t want to push anything. I still have time on my side. At least for another couple of weeks.  The … more »