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Mohican Weekend!

We are heading to Mohican tomorrow for Glenn’s 50 Miler! I’m so excited! Marshall is going to be hanging with my Grandma all weekend- I’m taking him down to Bloomington today. We are so fortunate to have my Grandma available to watch him. She’s been battling ovarian cancer for the past 6 years and just started a new chemo a couple weeks ago. You don’t hear complaints out of her though. Ever.

You’re all probably thinking I’m crazy for leaving my insanely active 2 year old with her for three days. BUT, she loves it- she asks for him! Everyday he’s with her I always get a call at the end of the day telling me how lovely the day has been and all the fun things they did. He adjusts to her speed (which isn’t all that slow for a 73 year old women going through chemo). They have their special little routines and activities at Mimi’s house. And he loves it. We are so grateful they get to spend time together and if I’m going to be away from him for three days there is no where I’d rather him be.

Back to Mohican- we are leaving at noon tomorrow and we’ll hit up the race pasta dinner in the evening… it’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere so that will by far be the easiest. I’m planning on trying to see Glenn 3-4 times throughout the race and as long as my phone has service – no fear, you’ll know I’ll be live tweeting the crap out of it.

It’s going to be super hot on Saturday, lot’s of hydrating going  on over here this week. Nutrition plan for his race- is Nuun, Hammer Gel & he’s taking some UGO bars in his drop bag. They’ll also have some eats at aid stations as well.

I’m feeling pretty confident that THIS GUY is ready for 50 miles. And then… on to the next big goal. I will force a race report out of him on this one!




Any race day advice or encouragement for Glenn? 

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