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Episode 136: Allie Kieffer

Allie Kieffer joins me for a third time on the show today. Make sure you check out her first two episodes on the show (episode 89 and 104). You likely remember that Allie placed 5th at the NYC Marathon in 2017 and everyone is excited to hear that she’s coming back for 2018. Allie runs … more »

Episode 104: Allie Kieffer

I’m so excited to have returning guest Allie Kieffer on the show today! Allie was on the show right after her 5th place finish at the New York City Marathon this past fall and so much has happened since then. Like most of you, I’ve been wondering what she’s up to and what’s next for … more »

Episode 89: Allie Kieffer

I was so excited about this guest, I had to drop an extra episode this week! Allie Kieffer has a story you’re gonna want to hear. She placed 5th at the New York City Marathon this weekend and blew us all away. Who is she though? She is this fun, sweet, doesn’t take herself too … more »