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Episode 89: Allie Kieffer

I was so excited about this guest, I had to drop an extra episode this week! Allie Kieffer has a story you’re gonna want to hear. She placed 5th at the New York City Marathon this weekend and blew us all away. Who is she though? She is this fun, sweet, doesn’t take herself too seriously kind of gal and she runs really fast.

Allie was a successful 10K runner and even qualified for the Olympic Trials in the 10K in 2012. It wasn’t until January, 2016 that she ran her very first marathon – in a time of 2:55. Months after that first marathon, she broke a world record running the indoor marathon around a 200 meter track in 2:44. Before that she spent several years coming back to competitive racing and taking breaks. She traveled around Europe somewhere in the middle and also had a full time nannying job in 2016 when she started realizing her marathon potential.

This past year she got the opportunity to be a part of the Nike Moon Shoot project and poured everything into training for the New York City Marathon, with the help and support of her boyfriend. She’ll tell you all about that experience and what that looked like in the episode! And of course we talk about the marathon from Sunday!

I’m so excited for you guys to hear her story and get to know her. I was honored to chat with her and walked away from the interviewing wishing we could be real life friends. ENJOY!

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