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Mohican Week 8 & Spring RACE Line Up!

Originally I had planned to start running at the beginning of the week but after some thought I decided to take another couple days. The achilles has been feeling a lot better recently but I didn’t want to push anything. I still have time on my side. At least for another couple of weeks.  The … more »

Injury Week – Mohican Week 7

Pretty uneventful week with running… you know since I am injured and everything. To bring you up to speed I tweaked my Achilles about 11 days ago and haven’t ran in 10 days. Originally I was planning to take about 7-10 days off running but the more I think about the more  I am inclined to … more »

Achilles Flare up – Mohican Week 6

Training log is going to be a little different this week. I’ve never had an achilles issue before but I do now. I first noticed something on Thursday. The heel felt a little tight when I started my run but quickly went away. I continued on and did the workout no problem. Then later in … more »