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Injury Week – Mohican Week 7

Pretty uneventful week with running… you know since I am injured and everything. To bring you up to speed I tweaked my Achilles about 11 days ago and haven’t ran in 10 days. Originally I was planning to take about 7-10 days off running but the more I think about the more  I am inclined to extend it to about 14 days or so. I have nothing to gain in returning early. The goal race for the first half of the year is at the end of June…so considering it is the end of February time and patience is my friend. I am sure that I will be a little behind on fitness when I start running again but I am not really too worried about that. When I start running again I want it to last so I am being patient.

Week 8: Feb 17 – Feb 23

0 runs

0 miles

0 workouts

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Cross Training….after a solid 6 days of nothing but rehab exercises and rest I decided to hop on the elliptical and sweat a little. Achilles was not bothered by it all so that was a plus.

Also, our friend, Melody from BellaBody Massage came to house for a therapy session. Oh crap. Holy Crap…she worked me over. I never knew a massage could feel like that. It was intense and supposedly she was taking it easy. It was awesome! It was just what I needed. She worked up from the arch up to the hamstrings and pointed out all the trigger points I had in my legs and worked the crap out of them! I’ve never really done massage work as part of a training cycle but I am very interested now…she worked it out. Mel also gave some really solid advice and pointers for dealing with the Achilles on a go-forward basis.

If you are in the Indy area and serious about performance check her out! She is a mobile office which is very convenient.

photo (3)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 75 minute bike ride. Very happy with this…the last time I tried to ride my bike it bothered my Achilles. I took this a positive sign. I used the heating pad for about 10 minutes prior to riding (thanks Mel) and that loosened me up nicely and the ride went great.

Sunday – 90 minute ride. Standards. Seem deal as yesterday.

photo (4)

Like I said earlier…I am planning on taking at least another couple days. We are going to be moving furniture and other things to storage this weekend in Bloomington (getting ready to put our house on the market) so ideally I’d like to run this coming weekend but we will see.

Short and to the point this week. Hoping by the end of the month I’ll be back to running and on my way.

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