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After my first run back on Friday, I decided to take Saturday off. I was indeed sore from my cute little 3.5 mile run. Abs & legs. On Sunday, we planned on a 5 mile run together as a family. Then Ashley texted and asked if we wanted to meet her and Brandon at Thr3ewisemen. So naturally pizza & beer won that battle. No one here is training for anything specific right now & those five miles really meant nothing but making me a little less crazy (endorphins). And flabby. They would have helped with that. But hey whatevs.
Every time we think taking Marshall to a restaurant will be OK, it never is. We were hopeful that banana he was eating, along with a million other food items, crayons & toys stashed in his bag would distract him from wanting to run like a maniac around the entire restaurant. But after a solid 5 minutes, he proved us wrong yet again. I know this is a tough age for taking kids places like this, but it is nearly impossible with him no matter what. When I see people with children his age (well since he was 9 months really) out at restaurants and their kid is just chillin, I want to ask them what kind of sedative they are using. No seriously, whiskey? Loratab? HOW?! 
I think I’m going to get him a leapfrog tablet for Christmas. Maybe I should get it sooner as it will actually be a gift to me. I’m not into giving my kid a $500 ipad to play with and I actually just made that price up because I have no clue how much ipads even cost.
I was back at the running thing on Monday, with a sluggish, slothy 4 mile stroller monon run. I had eggs for breakfast too soon before the run and it was every bit of blah the entire way. Was happy to be home. 
Yesterday, Marshall and I met Ashley for an easy 5- longest run yet thus far. It was fun, carefree and she even pushed the stroller for half the run and took some pictures for me for my Oiselle athlete profile. WHICH I still need to retake because they aren’t close enough- oh man, I’ll get it together. I do think Marshall’s face was a little cold, but thankfully he was snuggled up cozily in his jammies & the amazing little bundle me – thank you Nicholle for this! So thankful I have this for winter running!
Anyway, who can guess where we are here on the run?

I have to say, the idea of running a PR in Boston in April is daunting to me. I’m a little heavier & softer than I was this summer and the thought of running sub 3:13 or even close to 3:13 right now just seems nutty. I know it’s going to take time and I felt the same way post Marshall, it’s crazy what your body can really adapt to with some hard work and discipline. Although I’m enjoying the no structure right now- (I have no clue if I’m going to run today or not, and don’t care too much either way) I can only take so much, like most runners, having a plan to stick to makes me thrive & ultimately makes me happy.

This weekend, we are going to be in Bloomington to visit with family before my sister & her family move to Florida. They welcomed a new baby last week & I’m so sad to be away from those kids. My niece Giovanna is arguably the cutest 3 year old I’ve ever met.

Since we’ll be in Bloomington, we are going to head over and run some of the Tecumseh trail. Glenn signed up to run the marathon on December 7th with some of the Rusted Bear peeps, so it will be nice to get some trail running in to prep. The group is doing 13 miles & I’m going to run out 3 or 4 with them and head back. I don’t think I should do much more than 6-8 on the trail merely one week after returning. Should be a good time though!

What are your weekend run plans?

Any advice for taking a 16 month old to a resturant and keeping him in his seat? Wait until he’s 2? or 3? 
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