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Episode 311: Olicia Williams – Pursuing Career and Motherhood- New Partnership with AndMother and Cadenshae

Olicia Willams is one of three mother runners to be named athletes for the new Organization headed up by Alysia Montano – AndMother! AndMother is dedicated to breaking the barriers that limit a woman’s choice to pursue and thrive in both career and motherhood.

Olicia went to Baylor and was a 2X Big12 Champion and All American. Post college she went and trained with Brenda Martinez for a bit before she had her daughter Gia. She’s now back to training with her Baylor coach and working hard to grab the Olympic Standard in the 800.

In this episode we learn about Olicia’s story, what motherhood means to her and what this opportunity with AndMother and Cadenshae means to her.

What we talked about:

4:00- Olicia’s running career and path to running professionally

4:50- Training with Brenda Martinez

7:20- Becoming a mother and the balance that she has found in being a mother and chasing her running dreams

12:55- Looking back at all of the emotions that she had after becoming a mother

17:05- Getting connected with &Mother and Alysia Montano

22:05- Her mindset while getting back into training after pregnancy

23:45- What she is most excited about being partnered with &Mother

25:10- What she would go back and tell herself when she was postpartum

30:20- The decision to run for Baylor University

35:00- End of podcast questions

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