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Episode 270: Shayla Houlihan – Professional Coach with Under Armour

Shayla Houlihan is coaching a new Pro team out in Flagstaff with Under Armour. They’ll be announcing their team name and more info soon so make sure you look for it!
Shayla ran for the University of Northern Iowa and then ran Pro from 2010-2012 fro Team USA Arizona, Brooks and in 2010 was ranked the fastest steeplechaser in the US. She ended her Pro career after the 2012 Olympic Trials and started her coaching career.
She  started as a volunteer assistant coach at University of Utah for 1 year after finishing her eligibility for running and working on her masters and then went on to be an assistant coach for Team Run Flagstaff 2010-2012…for the club team (everyday runners) where she coached 170 runners. From there she coached at the University of California, Berkeley as the Head Cross Country Coach and Assistant Track Coach for distance. In 2017 her women’s team made the NCAA championships as a team for the first time in 6 years.
In the episode Shayla shares with us a little bit about her own running career and then why she choose coaching. We also talk about what her recruiting process was like, what it was like to coach both the Women’s and the Men’s team and why she decided to be. part of this new Pro group in Flagstaff with fellow coach and agent Stephen Haas.
What we talked about:
4:00- Talking about her family
9:30- How she started running
10:20- Walking on the team at the University of Northern Iowa
13:25- Her college career and starting the steeplechase
19:30- Running professional and the process of starting coaching
22:45- What she learned from Coach Kepler at the University of Northern Iowa and University of Utah
24:30- Her professional steeplechase career
26:40- How she started coaching
30:30- The difference of coaching a walk on compared to a national caliber recruit
31:45- Cultivating a culture where each athlete feels important
33:30- Transitioning to coaching professional teams
38:00- What it takes to be a director of a collegiate program
40:50- Starting the professional team in Flagstaff
47:30- Coaching a team that competes in a big range of distances
51:25- Coaching with Stephen Haas
52:30- How she recruits professional athletes compared to recruiting collegiate athletes
55:55- Her favorite thing about Flagstaff
56:50- End of podcast questions

Show Notes: 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*

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