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Episode 254: Faitth Brooks – Racial Reconciliation

Hi friends! I’m really excited to bring you an episode today from The Illuminate Podcast.

Faitth Brooks is an anti-racism educator. She is the Director of Programming at Be the Bridge. Be the Bridge. Be the Bridge empowers people and culture toward racial healing, equity and reconciliation.

Faitth is a passionate speaker, she’s an activist, writer and loves to travel. She has a masters degree in Social Work and also co-hosts the podcast Melanated-Faith.

In this episode we talk about racial reconciliation and what that process looks like. Faitth helps break down the book “Be the Bridge” written by Latasha Morrison. We talk about the fact that this isn’t just a movement, it’s a lifestyle.

I hope you all enjoy this conversation!

Show Notes: 

Be the Bridge

Oh Happy Dani


Be the Bridge – Latasha Morrison

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