Episode 198: Amanda Loudin

Amanda Loudin is an award winning journalist and masters runner. She has been published in The Washington Post, ESPN, Outside Magazine, Runner’s World, Women’s Running and more. If you are reading anything about health and fitness, you’ve probably read some of her work.

Amanda is the proud mom of two- she just sent her oldest off to college; and she’s someone I look up to as a Mom. She has shifted her running to more trail running these days and shares with us about her shift from chasing faster times to running more for the pure enjoyment of it as a masters runner. She calls it running 2.0, which I love.

I really enjoyed getting to know Amanda more in this episode and hope you enjoy our conversation!

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Ericka Andersen’s piece in the Washington Post

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  1. Marjorie Dixon

    Hi Lindsay,

    My daughter turned me on to your podcast several months ago. We are both runners and share with each other the podcasts that we turn to for inspiration, especially on our longer runs.

    I listened to this episode this morning on a 12 mile run and it was so enjoyable and relatable. I have never reached out to a podcaster, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your conversation with Amanda

    Like Amanda, I am 53 years old, married right after college, am now divorced, and have overcome many challenges in the past 10 years. Running has been my therapist, confessional, and my greatest source of strength to overcome and endure all that life has thrown my way.

    I have also made the transition from racing to running for enjoyment in the past few years as I’ve aged. I no longer push myself to BQ, or worry about my race times and winning, that’s in my past. I now choose to run destination marathons and trail races in interesting and beautiful locations, time is no longer on my radar.

    I can also see myself in you, as I am the mother of 4 daughters, born within a 6 year span, and can relate to the craziness in your household. I stayed home with my children, working side jobs until they were older, and was the parent they could always count on. The early days are crazy, but so wonderful and I cherish those memories.

    Amanda’s observation that we don’t talk enough about the issues that happen with older children totally resonated with me. As she said, the bigger the child, the bigger the problems. I had 4 teenage daughters at the same time and it was quite the roller coaster. It’s not easy, but as Amanda said, lean on your friends and talk, talk, talk. There were so many difficult days, but I’m happy to say that they are all very successful and accomplished young women. They are the four things that I am so incredibly proud of creating, and we remain very close despite our physical distances.

    I apologize for the lengthy comment, but I wanted to thank you both for reaching me at the perfect time, when I was in the running zone and your conversation made me reminiscent, happy, and proud of what I’ve endured and accomplished.

    My best to both of you!

    Your fan,
    Marjorie Dixon

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