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Episode 213: Ann Mazur

Ann Mazur just qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon at CIM! She was a part of a really special group of woman who will never forget that day or that finish line.  If you are anything like me you have been obsessing over the beautiful finish line pictures. Ann ran a time of 2:44:45, running a perfectly even split.

You may know of Ann from her popular instagram and business Runners Love Yoga.  She is a big believer that doing regular yoga will help you run faster. A subscriber to that method herself, she does daily yoga and peaked out her CIM training with 61 miles in her peak week, but averaged more like 50 miles a week. (My kind of marathon training!) Ann is also a passionate swimmer and teaches spin once a week; her intense cross training has served her well.

There is so much more to Ann’s story though and we get into a lot of it. She shares with us about running in the memory of her cousin Ian and what that means to her and how it’s strengthened her own faith after going through some really dark and trying times.

Ann was a walk on for Notre Dame (she ran with Molly Huddle in college!) and also has her PhD in English from UVA. She attributes both her running and yoga practice being a big part of helping her get through one of the hardest thing she has ever done- earning that PhD. Ann- whatever you do… don’t read these show notes with your PhD ways haha!!

It was a true joy and honor to talk with Ann and I really hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Runner’s Love Yoga

Ann’s Yoga Videos

The Power – Naomi Alderman 

The Perfect Horse – Elizabeth Letts

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