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Episode 208: NYRR Live with Sara Hall, Roberta Groner & Kellyn Taylor

The TCS NYC marathon weekend was an incredible experience and I was so honored to be able to sit down with Sara Hall, Roberta Groner and Kellyn Taylor for a conversation pre race.

In this conversation we get to hear about their training leading up to the race – Roberta was turning this race around quickly after coming off the World Championships and Sara after the Berlin Marathon so I loved hearing about that turn around! I always love talking with the NAZ Elite crew and Kellyn is so tough.

All three of these ladies are also all mother’s so I loved tapping into that piece of the conversation as well. It’s so inspiring to see these ladies who are some of the best distance runners in the World.

Huge thanks to the NYRR for having me out to NYC for this incredible weekend.

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