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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 39: Alison Feller

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 39: Ali Feller


I’ve been so excited to get this episode out for over a month now! Ali and I recorded this 5 weeks and I’ve been saving it up! Ali is a freelance writer and she contributes to all kinds of awesome magazines, including Women’s Running, Self, Shape, The Daily Burn and more. In this episode we talk about her career path- how she landed her dream job at Dance Spirit Magazine and how she transitioned into the freelance world. We also talk about Ali’s battle with Crohn’s disease and the fact that we are hero’s for rescuing our dogs,  Instagram stories, The NYC Marathon, Celine Dion and well just some fun girl talk.  Ali is hilarious and you will all want to be best friends with her after this chat. Oh and we recorded this BEFORE the NYC marathon when Ali didn’t know if she’d be able to run it or not and HOORAY she was able to and had a great day! So happy about that. This is a longer episode – save it for a long run!!

Show Notes:

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Ali’s blog post about Crohn’s

Ali’s Dog

November Project

Project Start

Women’s Running

The People Vs. OJ


Pitch Perfect

This is Us

The Anthony Weiner Story

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Julia Lucas & Jessica Woods

National Geographic

Claire Trickett

The Dogist

Brian Cristiano

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