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Out for a Run in 2015.


  • Arrival of Louis Frederick Hein – January 15th, 2015 7 lbs, 6 oz



  • Stocked up on Breast Milk (THANK YOU so much to the many people who donated to feed my baby the good stuff!) We quickly confirmed that Big Lou has a stomach of steel as he happily sucked down the milk of at least 10 different women. 5 of who were personal friends of mine. Lauren Hulls you will always be special to me because we dug into your stash first and though the nurses were weird about it at the hospital, I requested a fridge in my hospital room and stocked it up with Lauren milk that fed Lou for the first month of his life and then some more later when you gave us your second stash.
  • February is dumb


  • Rented our house out on Air BNB for Final Four Championships.
  • Fox 59 Segment – Training for a 5K
  • Surely something else happened in March, but you got me.


  • Glenn paced 3:15 at the Carmel Marathon for second year in a row.
  • After years of recruiting people to work water stops for races, I finally worked one myself.
  • Cancelled our cable for the second time because we think we’re better than you.
  • Had my first Thug Kitchen Challenge Fail. I did redeem myself and complete my next challenge of learning to make a quiche – homemade crust and all.
  • I introduced myself to Black Girls Run- one of my most favorite groups of people ever now!
  • Did some FOX 59 News segments – Tapering for the 500 Festival Mini MarathonGearing up for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon,



quaff on


  • I ran the Monumental Mile. It was scary and I peed my pants halfway through the mile.
  • Glenn ran Kettle Moraine 100k
  • Kyle’s Wedding
  • Marshall turned 3
  • Air conditioner broke and Glenn denied it for 3 straight weeks before I finally made him call for someone to fix it. Thank you HOMESENSE– good guys.


monumental mile


kettle moraine


  • Red Eye Relay – Glenn and I ran 50 mile loop as two man team
  • My sister Shelby got drunk and ran two miles of the Red Eye Relay with me when I thought I might die of heat exhaustion and wanted a friend
  • Girls weekend at pretty lake with my friends where we of course made a music video
  • Rolling Stones Concert on the 4th of July at the Speedway. (Glenn threw up in the front yard while I paid the babysitter)
  • Joseph Maley 5K – Glenn ran with the stroller and only finished a minute slower than my time. I’m gonna make him race me- him with the stroller when I’m really back in shape and he’s not boxed in.
  • FireCracker 6
  • Discovered that I like Generation UCAN for long runs.
  • Became obsessed with Rye Bread
  • Athletic Annex Summer Party – so fun, My Yellow RickShaw played and we blocked off the streets. Stayed tuned for dates on the 2016 party.
  • My younger sister Shelby moved back to Indiana from Florida
  • Some more Fox 59 Segments – Summer Running Gear, Running & Training Options

red eye



  • Anniversary Trip to Chattonooga, TN (7 year anniversary)- lot’s of awesome mountain running
  • We discovered how awesome it is to live right next door to the Shortridge track – new spot.
  • Glenn went to the Foo Fighters with my best friend Sarah. Because she’s cooler than  me.
  • We both Old Crow Medicine Show at White River with friends & my parents
  • Our friend Scott moved in. (That’s right we had a roommate until just last weekend- and he was the best damn roommate you could hope for when you’re 32 and have two small kids.)
  • We both turned 32.
  • Started the Athletic Annex stroller mom group




stroller moms


  • Tore my plantar fascia. We can stop there.
  • Oh wait, Glenn found out he was super anemic.
  • Basically, we were both broken for a few months.
  • Glenn went to NYC for work.
  • Glenn got his first pair of Hoka’s


  • Chicago Marathon with Saucony 26 Strong – Amazing, Amazing experience!
  • Did this Saucony Gear Review for Inside Endurance Sports
  • Since I was injured and on the sidelines- had a quick interview on ABC 7 Chicago about the Saucony 26 Strong Project with the lovely Allison from Competitor
  • Our neighbors stopped supplying us with eggs. Sad face. We need a new dealer! Who’s got a hook up?!
  • My older Sister Ericka moved to Indy from DC after living there for 9 years
  • Family Friend Wedding in Chicago
  • We decided to hold off finishing our carriage house (roommate Scott was planning to move in there) and put serious thought into moving to a smaller house.
  • Dyed my hair with some magenta. My friend and hair woman Britney Cooper is da bomb.
  • Glenn got a new job within his company.
  • I contemplated going back to work full time because Marshall was driving me to my grave.

saucony 26 strong



  • New nephew Jacob Michael born
  • Marshall got a hipster haircut
  • Drumstick Dash- my first big run post plantar fascia tear.
  • We hosted bomb ass water stop at the Monumental Marathon with neighbors and friends and handed out PBR. Went through 35 beers and it wasn’t enough. Half marathoners are really into PBR at mile 9.




  • Austin Girls Trip
  • Scott moved out at the end of his semester. Marshall is sad
  • Glenn mastered the art of making caramels. More nuts next time
  • Dropped Rye Bread for Sour Dough Bread
  • Lot’s of great family time with both Glenn’s family and mine. We are so ready to be home for the next month though!
  • We are now planning to stay at the house and considering finishing the carriage house again. Who says you can’t change your mind. We don’t really know what the hell we want to do, ok?



Looking back through this post, it seems like we did quite a bit. There’s more, but I’m over writing this post. It’s taken too long already.

 In 2016- I want to read more, have a better garden, and somehow figure out how to be more like Jesus. And that’s the truth. Help me, I’m not organized and obviously really self and family absorbed.

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