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Christmas Break!

Yesterday we made Christmas cookies with Glenn’s sisters and mom. He has three sisters. This is what went down- I made zero Christmas cookies, two of the sisters made or or two, the other sister was in the kitchen for literally 9 hours, I have no idea how many cookies she made and Glenn made Caramels (thanks for the spell check Amy) and Fudge.


This is the best caramel I’ve ever tasted. No competition. So good. 


This was a labor of love- you can’t be messing around with not stirring and trying to do 50 other things like I’d be trying to do. You have to get it to exactly 250 degrees people. If you have my kind of patience, don’t do it. If you have Glenn’s patience, go for it.

With the insanely warm temperatures, we were able to go out for a run in shorts and short sleeves. Since there was a house full of people, we left the kids at the house -Glenn took off for 75 minutes and came back to get me so I could finish up the last 45 minutes with him. My loose plan called for 45 minutes with 6 strides at the end. Felt good to have some quick leg turn over at the end of my run, but some of the 6 were done going up hill so a hard 15 seconds.

I’ve got an easy 40 minute recovery run today- where did my only 30 minute runs go? Rest tomorrow and then 60 minutes on Saturday, which will be my longest run yet post injury. Since we’ve been camped out at my in laws- there’s been no pool to swim or bike really. I think I could have been a little creative, but that would have taken work.

We’ve made it through 5 days in Crown Point and are headed home this evening! I’m excited to be at our house for Christmas morning and then we’ll go to my parents in Bloomington later in the day where who knows how many people will come. My family and Glenn’s family are night and day. My family is very much “whatever” with plans whereas plans with his family are very set and organized. There’s got to be a middle ground somewhere.


We went to Fair Oaks Farms to get out of the house for a bit yesterday. It’s on the way from Indy to Crown Point but we never stop because the little people are always sleeping. It’s only 20 miles from Crown Point though so we took a trip over there. That ice cream that Marshall is eating is possibly the best ice cream I’ve ever had. The real deal.


The cousins are having a blast together. Fun and fighting but mostly fun.


And here’s the crew. I ran for 40 minutes this morning, then Glenn took his turn. Marshall is all about working out on the elliptical with no shirt. Big Lou will sit in that thing for an hour straight. Something Marshall never would have done at that age.

I have a rest day tomorrow but if it’s nice out, we are going to go on a short family Christmas run after having some fun Christmasy time in the morning before we head to Bloomington!

Merry Christmas Friends!

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