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My friends at Fox59 are having me on to today to talk about getting started with 5K training. So, I put together a list of what I would talk about and where to start. The list for this begins with simply GET STARTED.




  • – Get Started: Stop saying you’re going to go something one day. Start tomorrow. Seriously, start tomorrow- wake up in the morning and do it. Go walk for 10 minutes TOMORROW. This doesn’t just apply to 5K training, or any kind of physical training, this applies to anything you want to do. Stop thinking about it and get started.


  •  – Have a Plan: Possibly the biggest piece to getting started. Find a plan and stick to it. The internet is your friend- get on-line and start searching for plans. Also, know that sticking to your plan is important, but you must expect that there are good days and bad days. Everyone has them. Don’t let bad days define your training.


  •  – Accountability: Find a group. There are so many groups locally that will welcome a new walker or runner with open arms. Don’t be shy- they want you there and no one will be more excited about you taking up walking or running more than a group of walkers or runners.


  •  – Build Slow: Building slow is so important – if you build too fast and rush into things injuries will likely come about. It’s easy to get excited and over do it at the beginning- but the key is long-term success and consistency. Take your time. You’ll get to where you want to go, you just won’t get there overnight.


  •  – Get Fitted for Shoes: Getting a proper shoe fitting is also really important for injury prevention. In the right shoes, your feet will find their happy place and do what they are naturally made to do. I highly recommend going to your local specialty running store for a fitting.  Locally, I recommend Athletic Annex. Yes, I’m biased because I work for them, BUT I’ve also been trained by them in all things shoes over the past few months and these guys and gals know what they’re talking about. Seriously there is a lot of shoe info out there and to figure out how much cushioning, how much support and what kind of stability you personally need might take some testing out, but get started with a fitting and go from there- trust me, the wrong shoe can make your feet and your body very angry!


That’s it for now. It’s most important to not overcomplicate things and just get going. 🙂

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