50 Mile Week & Surgery Date Set!

I’m not gonna lie, when I ran 60 miles two weeks ago, it burned me out a bit and made my legs insanely tired. I had a bug though and was loving it at the time. 
I followed up the next week with 45 miles. Including my longest run yet since my surgery. (18.2 Mi). That run felt pretty darn good at the time (hard, but good) and I ran it pretty quick for where I’m at right now. I paid for it in the evening. Not too terribly, but my body let me know I probably ran too hard.
Two reasons my mileage went down quite a bit from the 60 to 45 mile week- legs were dead and I was juggling travel stuff with the holidays. 

This weeks rundown:

Monday- 7 easy treadmill miles (average pace 8:20)

Tuesday- 4 easy with Glenn, Marshall & Cadence. Sadly, I think we underdressed Marshall & he wasn’t happy. I felt terrible. (average pace 7:50)

Wednesday- 10 miles easy, 6 with the Rusted Bear crew, 4 on my own, fast finish for last 2 miles (average pace 7:54)

Thursday- Rest Day- when Glenn got home from work- I bolted out the door and went to foot finese for a massage. Marsh & I didn’t leave the house all day & I had to get out of the house, but didn’t want to deal with the gym at 5:30pm on January 2nd! Figured the next best thing was a massage… 🙂

Friday- 7 easy treadmill miles (average pace 8:06)

Saturday- 15 miles, 10 with Ashley, 5 on my own. Easy paced, with the big fun hill in Crown Hill. It was gated off to traffic and there wasn’t much traction, we had fun bouncing around making it to the top. Running down was the best though. We were sad neither of us had our phone to take a picture because it was so pretty at the top of the hill. (average pace 8:00)

Sunday- 7 easy, glorious snow filled miles with Cadence (average pace 8:17)
Total: 50 Miles
After my 7 with Cadence on Sunday. 
Fun in the snow before our power went out!

Overall I felt pretty good all week. No speed, but I honestly don’t think my body is ready for too much speed. When I over exert my chest is achy and I’ve had cold sweats at night a few times from it. 
My reconstruction surgery is set for Friday, January 24th. YAYAYAYAY!!!! Less than three weeks away. I had in my head that I wanted to do a 20 miler before the surgery, just to really solidify my base. I can’t say if that will happen or not just yet. If it does happen, it will probably need to be this coming weekend, as I’m going to Florida to visit my sister the following weekend I don’t think it will happen then. I could, but it’s doubtful. Although, while I do enjoy cold weather running, I’m not gonna be mad about running half naked in Florida. 
Regardless if I do the 20 or not pre surgery, I’m happy with where I’ve set myself up for coming back post surgery. The recovery from this one will be 4 weeks and my plastic surgeon has told me she might release me a bit early. I’ll still have to be careful those first few weeks back though. 
I have to be honest- even though this surgery is small potatoes compared to the mastectomy, I’m a little anxious about it. I don’t know if anyone ever gets used to getting put under anesthesia. Either way, I’m still new at it, so I’m still nervous. 
I am however, hella excited to get these expanders out. They are rock solid. Seriously, the more the doctor filled them, the harder the got. I’m walking around with a 2 big rocks in my sports bra. Brace yourself if you go in for a hug, it ain’t soft. And if you don’t go if for one, I probably will, because I’m a natural born hugger. Even to strangers. 
I’ll leave you with this gorgeous picture Glenn took of Cadence today on the monon. Gorgeous. 

Did you have any fun snow runs?

Did anyone venture out in the negative 15 Indianapolis temps? I’m sure it’s much colder for some of you, but we’re not used to that here!

How cute is my dog?


  1. You’re one of the strongest, most BA ladies I know! I don’t know if I’d be able to handle things as well as you are.

  2. You – you are pretty tough. I’m sitting here reading people complaining about freezing temps (um, one of them might have been me) and here you are prepping for another surgery. You’re awesome and I’m glad you’re in my reader 🙂

    1. Thanks Gracie! haha well I will say that the temps have dropped drastically here and when it’s below zero, I will not be out running! I’m totally happy on the treadmill though!! 🙂

  3. That is really exciting and I could not be happier for you. Good luck in your reconstructive!

  4. So gorgeous!!! I love your recap and ALL the miles you did. You’ve inspired me to reach out to a friend and make a date for a 15 miler.
    You have every right to be afraid of the surgery. It sounds pretty major to me. I’m sure you will be absolutely fine but, still. I wish I could reach in for a hug (rocks or no) and wish you ALL THE LUCK and a speedy recovery. I’m also insanely jealous that you will be running almost naked in the sun. Ahhhhhh

    1. Thanks! Wish we were closer & I’d run those 15 with you!! I appreciate your support & I’ll be sure to tell you ALL ABOUT the warmer weather running! haha. Have a great week!

  5. Love that you are getting in a solid base before going in for major surgery like that. And I can’t blame you for being nervous but wish you all the best with it! Speedy recovery is in your future I have a feeling.

  6. No cold runs for me. I ran in the 30s this weekend (with no snow) and that was cold enough. I’m glad I live in a mild climate! Also, on a cute scale of 1 to 10 I’d say your dog is an 11 – super cute!

  7. Kim

    Wow – you are amazing!!
    I love that you are getting in so much running – hopefully your strength will help with your surgery and recovery!

  8. That dog picture is beautiful. I wish you well in your surgery. You know I’ll be thinking about you. I will dedicate my core strength training to you that day, and I will work extra hard at it too.

    1. Thanks!! I love that & so appreciate you’ll be thinking of me- I hope your training is going wonderfully- and I have to imagine you are forcing yourself on the treadmill right now!

  9. When I saw Indiana temps this morning on the weather, I thought about you and was wondering if you were getting any runs in outdoors. I am also obsessed with how moms get their little babies/toddlers out in snowy climates. I mean, do you have to put Marshall in 5 layers, plus a blanket, etc?! How does a little one tolerate all of that? And then do you have to completely undress them in the grocery store so they don’t burn up….then redress to head to the car? I can’t even imagine getting out like that, so, congrats to you for managing to get yourself AND Marshall out for a run.

    1. Hi! Yes I got a few outdoors but the past few days no way! We are supposed to get up to 40 this weekend- once everything melts I’ll have my butt outside for a few! I have a bundle me for Marshall, if it’s really cold, I put him in super warm clothes plus that and he does fine. Some people have wind shields for their strollers, but we don’t- I don’t think he would like it too much! If it’s under 25ish I won’t go out with him. When I do go out in the cold though, he stay warm, I get him out and his body is toasty! It’s just hard to get him to keep gloves & a hat on! When going on errands in the car, I totally just put a super light jacket on him… he’s only outside for 30 seconds and I’m not layering up for that! haha. Talk soon!

  10. You’re such a source of inspiration! Love how you are pushing it all the way up to your surgery. Even outdoor runner me has avoided the outside the last two days … I ran in stuff like that in HS in the UP — but not now. I even found myself wishing I had a treadmill!! Shocking, I know.

    Love the pic of your dog! So beautiful. Keep at it … and I look forward to seeing you at Boston (speaking of which… I’d better book a flight)!

    1. Thanks Dan! Going to try to will myself to hit 20 this weekend I think… not sue but I think! haha. Oh man, really almost impossible to get any sort of quality run in the past few days- or really until it melts a little! I think I’m going to hope on our treadmill for a few in just a minute. Ran out of time to make it to gym this morning when kids club was open, so will probably break up an hour run into two 30 minute runs to fit it in during nap times here at the house. Although it’s not the greastest treadmill out there, it does the job when you need it to and I’m sure glad we have it on days like this! Yes, I need to book mine too! How many days are you going out for? I’m doing Sat-Tues. Is Christie coming with?

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