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I’ve been running mostly easy since returning to running in November. There have been some hard miles here and there when I feel up to it or get bored with the easy stuff.

I typically do tempo or speed type work on Wednesdays whether I’m training for something or not. Just because. So, today I decided to take some speed on. It was challenging, but it made my hour of running go by much quicker than my normal easy pace. I warmed up 15 min, tempo/progression 35 min, with a 10 min cool down.

The last 10 min of the tempo, I had a mixture of ugly faces, big smiles and lot’s of singing (hopefully not out loud). Usually on my easy runs, I people watch like crazy and “live tweet” from the treadmill, but I could have easily been the subject of a “live tweet” yesterday. “Girl with the bad boob job needs to stop smiling and making ugly faces at the same time.” (Only 5 more weeks until these expanders are out- won’t be bad for long!!) Something about the last few minutes of a tough workout, I usually end up smiling because the hard work has felt good and I’m so thankful to have accomplished it and complete it. Ready to take on the world. Or at least take on Marshall for the rest of the day. 

I’ve been into running for an hour a lot of days. I like the hour, I break it up into 15 minutes chunks in my head and it’s super manageable. 
Below is what my training has looked like since I was cleared to run:

I have 5 more weeks of building before I have my reconstruction surgery. I’m planning to hit 20 miles for my long run sometime during the week of January 6th. I’ll feel much better about my 4 week post surgery down time if I have a 20 miler under my belt first!

And when the winter comes- the treadmill & I become good friends. And with the treadmill comes a lot more music listening. I actually don’t mind cold weather running too much myself (if it’s not 5am or still dark out), but honestly the treadmill is just easier than a stroller run when it’s super cold out.

So here’s a little playlist action for you:

1. Outta My System– My Morning Jacket

2. Sydney – Brett Dennen

3. Only Prettier – Miranda Lambert

4. Safe and Sound – Capitol Cities

5. Holdin on to Black Metal – My Morning Jacket

6. Something Beautiful – NeedtoBreathe

7. B.O.B. – Outkast

8. Heart of the City – Jay-Z

9. The Fixer – Pearl Jam

10. 25 to Life – Eminem

11. My Chick Bad – Ludacris

12. ATLiens – Outkast

13. Lover of the Light – Mumford and Sons

14. Marker in the Sand – Pearl Jam

15. Sounds like Hallelujah – The Head and the Heart

How many days a week do you do speed/tempo work? 

Do you enjoy cold weather running?

Are you a treadmill hater? (stay tuned for a post on that soon!)
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