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All I wanted was to break 30 minutes!

Yesterday Glenn and I ran the Geist 5K. Back on My Feet had Members running both the half marathon and 5K.

We all met before the race to circle up and head to the start line- and everyone was off. The guys running the half marathon were running their third half in four weeks. They are hooked. 

I was of course sticking to the 5K and my secret goal was to run sub 10 minute miles. Glenn ran with me and I told him my goal we crossed mile 1. At that time I asked him our pace and he said 10:10. I felt like I was running much fast than that. Par.

Mile 2 was a lot of up and down hills and I was feeling really great, it turned our our average pace for that mile was 8:47. I don’t know when the last time I ran a sub 9 minute mile was. We were also passing a lot of people the whole race, so that gave me a bit of confidence. I usually just run on the monon and pass no one while getting passed by everyone. No matter how fast or slow, how pregnant or not, it always feels good to pass people.

As we were heading into mile three– I started getting weird cramps in my belly and it kind of freaked me out. Naturally we slowed down and I kicked myself thinking why in the world did I push so much just because I wanted to break a 10 minute mile for a 5K? Not worth it. I guess I didn’t realize I had pushed that much until that moment though. I immediately started thinking about the extra heartbeat and the baby I am preparing to meet in 6 weeks and decided to not push that much again until I’m actually in labor.

So we slowed down for mile 3– but had banked enough time that we crossed the finish line in 29:38. 9:34 pace. I felt satisfied. I’m considering this race my 8 month pregnant PR. It’s only a good 9-10 minutes slower than my real 5K PR, but I’ll take it.

Under 30 Minutes. Yay!
Thanks for shuffling along with me.                      

Congrats to all who ran the race- I know there were many PRs in the 5K for our new Back on My Feet Residential Members.

As soon as the race was over, we hit the road to Crown Point for a little baby shower that Glenn’s mom had for us. When we arrived, I headed out for a pedicure and Glenn headed out for a 13 mile run. 

As for today- I just finished up a very slow, hot and humid three miles and he went out for a four hour bike ride at 6:30am. I’m expecting a very sweaty and very hungry husband to be arriving shortly.

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