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Back on My Feet runs the Carmel Half Marathon & 8K

This past weekend was incredibly special for the Indianapolis Back on My Feet teams. We have been training for a half marathon for the past three months and the day finally arrived! There were a total of eight resident members who ran the Carmel Half Marathon and two who ran the 8K.

I had the privilege of running with Eric Arnold, who is a member of team Progress House. During the training process I have had the opportunity to run with a good handful of the guys on the team- each one of them special to me. On race morning I had pretty much decided that I would be running with Eric for the race.

I honestly had the most fun in a race that I have ever had…. and I have ran a lot of races. For the first five miles, I was running back and forth between different team members while taking pictures and videos. After those first five- I decided to stop being the crazy girl with loud footsteps, a backpack and a camera sprinting back and forth between runners and stuck to running right with Eric the rest of the way.

We worked hard, we laughed, we met new friends and learned a little bit about what it means to be a real runner. You have to OWN the hills! (Right Eric?!) Other than the tiny incline the team used to think of as a mountain, we hadn’t been training on hills.  If you are familiar with Indianapolis at all, you know that there are no hills downtown! Well, there were quite a few long, gradual hills waiting for us up in Carmel. We all marched right up those hills like we were born to do it.

A couple of highlights from my race with Eric-
1. The sarcasm & humor through the whole race- even when it was painful
2. Running with Brian Donnelly for the first 7 miles
3. Seeing all of the BoMF supporters along the course working water stops and cheering us on
4. When I told him we were doing great and nobody was passing us- and as soon as I said that it seemed as though herds of runners came stomping past
5. The friend we met at mile 10
6. Finally catching up to John & Guy – and working together to finish a strong race
7. Sprinting it in on the last straight away
8. The hugs & tears at the finish line
9. Eric donating his hard earned medal to Medals for Mettles without thinking twice about it
10. Cheering on our teammates once we were done

Thanks Kelly McCulluch for supporting us while you were out of town!
After Eric & I finished our 13.1
Eric & John celebrating after racing neck & neck almost the whole race
Group pic of some of the team while we waited to cheer on the one and only Joe Kendrick!
Thank you to the Carmel Marathon for donating bibs to our team and thank you to all of our friends, family members and supporters who came out to work a water stop on behalf of Back on My Feet! We appreciate all who supported us in this journey!
Congratulations to our Half Marathon Finishers:
Mitch Righter, Doug Griffith, Eric Arnold, John Stultz, James Boyd, Rob McEntire, Ron Gephart, Joe Kendrick, Glenn Hein, Courtney Sheppard, Guy White, Beth Olson, Christel Avenhall-Harding, Susan Fox, Brian Donnelly, Marty Posch, Krista Washington, Shrell Sims, Brent Wadkins, Tom Gardner, Steve Kerr, Phyllis Parker, Niki Schmidt & Sandy Knox
Congratulations to our 8K Finishers:
Brian White, Leslie Ray, Tony Alexander & Deb Gardner
And a big Congratulations to Progress House non-res teammate Kevin Fine for completing the Full Marathon with a brand new PR!
Check out this amazing video that one of our Non-Res team members put together honoring team HVAF and their accomplishment in completing the race! 

One of my favorite pictures from the day!

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