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Marathon Selected and a New Blogger

So for the last nine weeks now we have been training to run the Virginia Beach Marathon on St. Paddy’s Day Weekend, The whole time we have been training I was aware of a possible conflict that would prevent me from running the race and leave me scrambling to find a new race with only a few weeks to ago and not many viable options. Last week that situation came true and I am more than happy to deal with the conflict because it is the bachelor party of my longest and oldest, Kevin Sendre…who I still can’t believe is getting married. I could write many blogs about that…but it very much leaves me scrammbling to find a new race. I had thought I had found the race to replace the VBM but after some investigation the National Marathon,, was quickly ruled out. It would have fit perfectly into the training plan as it is one week after Virginia Beach but in Lindsey and I’s quest for the 50 States Club it had to count towards the total.

I know that a lot of people do not set out to do something like this but this is a major hit against the race. The course and time of year looked good for a fast race but no 50 States Qualifier equals no race for me. Below is the ruling from on the race. 1. The Marine Corps Marathon counts as Virginia because it starts and ends in Virginia. Additionally, the National Marathon and/or Washington DC Marathon, which begin and end inside DC do not count towards the state count because the District of Columbia is not a state.
Blows for The National…

It is on to plan c at this point, find something drivable (we have a large driveable range for a race), within a couple of weeks of Virginia Beach, and relatively flat (since we had not been training for a hilly course and are looking to race this one). So based on all of this the winning race was…Lower Potomac River Marathon put on by the Chesapeake Bay Running Club.

We have moved our race day up a week to run this race but that really does not bother either of us as I am growing tired of the training and feel primed to race. This race should be interesting and be a grand departure from my last marathon, which was Chicago in October 2010. The LPRM is limited to 200 people and last year saw 117. I ran a race like this last year with a friend and really enjoyed the small town, small race feel. It will be made even that much sweeter if Lindsey and I were to run well.

So this is my first attempt at the old blog. I’m Glenn, Lindsey’s other half. I am going to blog from time to time on anything from race reviews, training runs, new products, mountain biking, music, and anything else I can think of.

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