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Tempo Mental Strength

I wasn’t sure if I’d do speed work Tuesday or Wednesday this week. I did my long run with marathon pace work on Friday, so Tuesday should have been plenty of time to recover. I wanted to check it off my list for the week, so I went ahead and did a tempo run yesterday. … more »

Being content where you are.

Today I woke up wanting to run. Most days it takes a good 2 hours before I even want to think about running. I’m not the best morning person. Today I was feeling motivated and encouraged, which was good news because yesterday I was in a funk the first part of the day and sat … more »

Why you Shouldn’t do a Tempo Run too Soon.

After my recent 3 week recovery period from reconstructive surgery, I was back to running for two weeks and so soon, I’m side lining myself for a week. Here is the stupid truth: 6 days into my return, I did a tempo run. (felt good to work hard, but bad idea) I hadn’t planned on doing the tempo … more »