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Timeline Back from Injury + First Workout

We settled in Crown Point with Glenn’s family on Sunday for a 5 day stretch. We had our nieces 1st birthday party on Sunday and we were planning to come on Wednesday anyway for Christmas time with his family, so we just decided to stay the week. It was a busy weekend though. I’m not … more »

Calm Down. It’s just Running.

I’ve been running consistently for 17 years. I joined my high school cross country team as a sophomore after being persuaded by my best friend and our coach. Right off the bat I was a head case runner. I would start getting nervous about cross country meets that were on Saturday four days prior. And … more »

Achilles Flare up – Mohican Week 6

Training log is going to be a little different this week. I’ve never had an achilles issue before but I do now. I first noticed something on Thursday. The heel felt a little tight when I started my run but quickly went away. I continued on and did the workout no problem. Then later in … more »