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Episode 140: Ben Rosario

Really fun show today with Northern Arizona Elite President and Coach Ben Rosario. Ben’s experience in the running industry is impressive – before starting NAZ Elite, he was a specialty store owner, a special events director for a big city marathon and an elite athlete himself. He ran for the Hansons-Brooks team for a bit … more »

Episode 137: Courtney Dauwalter

2018 Western States winner Courtney Dauwalter joins me today! Courtney has made a big name for herself in the ultra running world over these last few years. She recently became the second fastest woman of all time to finish the prestigious Western States 100 miler in a time of 17 hours, 27 minutes and 2 … more »

Three Things I’m Loving

Like most people in my generation. I’ve become obsessed with podcasts. I’m surprised I’m not listening to one right now. Right now though, I am sitting in my parents basement sitting at the bar, drinking coffee, listening to music, praying that my kids won’t wake up for another 45 minutes. Another hour. No two hours. Not … more »