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Episode 307: Mel Charbonneau – You Have a Story to Tell

Mel Charbonneau has a gift of speaking encouragement into the lives of women and I’m certain she drops some truth today that you need to hear!  Mel is the co-founder of the popular women’s running community Fellow Flowers and she helps women own their story, identify what truly matters and make wholehearted decisions aligned with their core … more »

Episode 118: Allison Schaaf

Allison Schaff, Founder and CEO of Prep Dish joins me on today’s show. Allison is a Dietitian and entrepreneur – the brains and creativity behind the business Prep Dish. Some of you may have heard of Prep Dish, as they have been a sponsor on the podcast. I am so intrigued by how people come … more »

Episode 84: David & Ellen Caren

In this episode of I’ll Have Another, I had the opportunity to talk with David and Ellen Caren. I’m taking this thing world wide people! David and Ellen live in Ireland and created an amazing run safety product called Run Angel. They have three wonderful kids and a big heart for the running community. In … more »

I’ll Have Another Episode 15: Erica Sara Reese Part 2

I’ll Have Another Episode 14: Erica Sara Reese Part 2 Erica is an entrepreneur, business woman, designer, mother, wife, runner and my good friend that I met on the internet. She is funny, outgoing, kind and REAL. In this two part episode, Erica and I talk about parenting young children, working from home with kids, gardening, Erica’s … more »