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I’ll Have Another Book Club Picks

  Did you know we have a fun Book Club that kind of sort of goes along with my podcast? Some of the books are totally irrelevant to running or anything athletic, but over the past year we have read a book together each month. It’s super unstructured and just a fun additional way to … more »

Episode 121: Becky Wade

Elite Marathoner and World Traveler Becky Wade joins me on the podcast today! In 2012 Becky traveled the World (22 countries) studying running culture in each place she went. She wrote a book called “Run the World” where she shares all about her experience; what she learned from 9 of the countries she spend the … more »

Books & Party Mix

Did you know we have a book club going with my podcast? It’s nothing intense, but we read the same book each month together and have little discussions on our facebook page. Check it out. It’s super fun and also a good way to hold yourself accountable if you try to keep up with reading … more »