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Episode 321: Kyra Condie – Olympic Climber Shares her Journey to Tokyo

Today on the podcast is Kyra Condie! Kyra will be competing for Team USA in the Tokyo Olympics in climbing. She is a pro climber and started climbing at age 11. Early on, she found out that she has idiopathic scoliosis so she had to have some pretty major surgeries as a young child. She had a spinal fusion to correct her more than 70 degree curvature and it took several months to recover. After recovering from that surgery, she started competing in climbing and she won her first major competition after that surgery. Since then, she has qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games and she has become a bouldering world cup finalist and is a regular at pro competitions around the US. She shares in this episode what it is like to climb as a professional. In this episode, Kyra also explains what the climbing competition will look like at the Olympic games.

So excited to cheer Kyra on at the Olympics this summer!

What we talked about:

5:25- How Kyra got into climbing

7:10- Getting surgery for scoliosis and the recovery from that

9:20- Her family & the lessons her family has taught her

11:30- Details on what sport climbing is and how you compete

14:05- How they pick the Olympic team for sport climbing

15:50- Climbing outdoors vs. climbing on an indoor rock climbing wall

18:05- How you score points in sport climbing

18:50- What Kyra’s training cycles look like 

20:50- Who coached her growing up

22:05- What a typical day looks like for Kyra with training

23:15- What her strength training looks like

25:30- Finding out that sport climbing would be in the 2020 Olympics

28:55- How hard work was instilled in her

30:20- Her deep water solo climbing adventure

32:50- Managing her fear in climbing

33:50- Thoughts heading into the Olympics

34:45- Advice for new climbers

37:40- Historic Olympic moments that motivated her

39:00- Favorite things to cook

40:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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