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Episode 319: Sika Henry; Hard work and self belief – first African American female triathlete to get pro card

Sika Henry recently became the first African American female triathlete to get her pro card. She competed in the 2019 Ironman World Championships in Kona and she focuses on the 70.3 distance of triathlon. She has been blogging about her triathlon journey since 2013 so you can go back and read from the time she started the sport until she realized she could possibly get that pro card.

Sika was in a traumatic bike accident in 2019 and in this episode she shares about that experience and how she overcame it. Sika is passionate about increasing diversity in the sport of triathlon and in this episode she shares about ways that we can help make that happen and what she is doing to make that happen.

This was a really fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What we talked about:

4:05- When she plans to debut as a pro triathlete

6:00- Competing in track and field in high school and college

9:15- Her best and favorite disciplines in triathlon

10:00- Her mental strategy during a triathlon

11:40- How she got connected with Hoka as a sponsor

14:25- Being confident in her goals and sharing them publicly

15:25- Her first triathlon

21:20- Open water swimming

22:15- The rules of drafting on a bike in different triathlons

24:50- The bike crash that she had in 2019

31:35- Her training now that she is in the pro field 

32:40- Sika’s coach

36:05- Learning how to train on the bike and sustain long efforts

38:00- Increasing diversity in the sport of triathlon

52:00- Pacing the Hoka One One 100k

55:35- What’s next for Sika

57:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Finding My Voice by Mike Reilly

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