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Episode 313: Johnny Gregorek – Training for the trials, Blue Jean Miles & Seinfeld. A well rounded conversation with Johnny Gregorek.

Johnny Gregorek caught the eyes of the running community when he ran the World Record for the mile in blue jeans (4:06)  to honor his Brother Pat and raise funds (over $50K) for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

He is a 1500 meter runner, sponsored by Asics looking to make the Olympic team this year. He made the 2017 World Championships team in the 1500, where he placed 10th in a time of 3:37.56. He finished 6th in the Olympic Trials in 2016 – 5 years later he’s definitely one to be watching at the trials this summer!

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I realize there is a tiny crackle on my end of the mic oh this episode- SO SORRY, I hope it’s not too big of a distraction.

What we talked about:

2:30- Johnny’s recent training and racing

3:45- The decision to take a 5th year at the University of Oregon

5:35- His relationship with his sponsor, Asics

6:20- How he met his wife

6:55- The recent races that he has done

12:45- Making the world championships in 2017 and the mindset shift that came with it

16:00- Message to the young professional runner that is just getting started

20:15- Thoughts on professional runners sharing their training versus keeping it personal

22:40- Where his mental edge and competitiveness comes from

28:10- What he benefited from the Olympics being delayed a year

29:20- The strength training routine that he does

30:15- His final pre meet workout before a race

31:50- The training group that he is in

32:30- Living in New York and his wife’s work

36:25- Working with Coach Gags

39:05- The Blue Jean Mile that he did this past summer and honoring his brother through that

49:45- End of podcast questions

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