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Episode 296: Lauren Floris – Co-Host of the Up and Running Podcast!

Hi friends! I hope your Friday is off to a good start.
I debated putting an episode out this week just due to the upsetting and horrific events that occurred at our nations Capitol on Wednesday. It feels a little weird to put out something so casual. I did ultimately decide to go ahead with an episode in hopes that you all might enjoy something light hearted on this Friday. I’ll just quote my tweet here from Thursday – “What happened yesterday was sad, pathetic and unacceptable. American democracy stands for the peaceful transition of power.”
So for the podcast today –  my guest Lauren and I recorded this on Tuesday  before all of that went down. Otherwise I’m sure we would have discussed it to some extent in the episode.
Lauren Floris, co-host of the Up and Running Podcast joins me today! If you don’t know Lauren- She first appeared on this show in 2017 for episode 95 right after she first qualified for the Olympic Trials.

 Lauren lives in Southern California with her husband Henri and their two daughters. She runs her own business – Up and Running Coaching AND the Up and Running Podcast while also running really fast. She ran in the Olympic Trials in 2020 and has recently even run a 5K PR on the track!

Each month Lauren and have a casual catch up over on my patreon page for supporters over there and today I wanted to give you a sample (a big sample- this episode is a long one!) of what that looks like each month.

In this episode we talk very casually about life, goals, family stuff and a little bit of running. We also talk about the enneagram,  dreams for our businesses and I’m honest about the struggles about running  my podcasts and network through the pandemic. We also recap some of our favorite episode of the year from both I’ll Have Another and Up and Running.
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What we talked about:

5:30- Lauren + Lindsey reflect on their friendship and Lauren joining the Sandyboy Productions Podcast Network

7:00- Lindsey reflects on the evolution of the podcast

9:20- Talking about Lauren’s podcast- Up + Running

11:55- Bachelor talk

15:10- Reflecting on the last year and looking ahead to 2021 goals and intentions

45:00- Lindsey + Lauren’s goals and dreams for their podcasts and businesses

54:50- Lauren + Lindsey’s favorite episodes of I’ll Have Another & Up + Running in 2020

1:06:40- Favorite running moments of 2020

1:12:15- Game of “this or that”

1:30:00- End of podcast wrap-up


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