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Episode 288: Mary Johnson – Lift, Run, Perform Owner & Coach + a new 18:30 5K PR

Mary Johnson just ran a huge 5K PR in a time of 18:30 and I wanted to hear all about her progress. Mary is the owner of Lift, Run, Perform (LRP) which is an online coaching business for runners. Watching Mary grow her coaching business over these past few years has been incredible to watch and I’m so darn proud of my friend.

In this episode we talk a little bit about LRP, strength training and how to get started as well as that 18:30 5K she just ran! This is a fun conversation and I hope you learn a little bit about getting stronger as a runner through lifting!!


What we talked about:

6:40- Introduction to Mary Johnson and her coaching business; Lift, Run, Perform

12:05- Her running history and what lead her to her 3:06 marathon PR

14:30- The first coach that she worked with

18:30- Her injuries over the last 4 years and how while she was injured she poured her energy into her athletes and the running community

22:15- The importance of strength training in running training and where her passion for that started

29:20- How she incorporates strength training in regular coaching plans

35:30- What beginner strength training should look like

40:40- Best advice for progressing in pull ups

43:00- The top 3 strength training exercises to start with

49:50- Her recent success and running an 18:30 5k

56:40- The value in not overdoing it in your training

57:25- The mileage that she trains at and what her current training looks like

59:40- The weekly rest day that is built in her training

1:02:25- How she balances strength training while increasing running mileage and how she looks at it each season to support her running

1:03:35- Spring racing plans

1:06:45- Recapping the Sub-3 Project that Mary did with Lauren Floris and plans to do it again in the future


Show Notes:

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