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Episode 287: Matt Llano – 2:11:14 Marathoner & Newest Member of the Dark Sky Distance Team

Matt Llano recently joined the Dark Sky Distance team in Flagstaff, Arizona and signed with Under Armour.

Matt grew up in Maryland and went on to run for the University of Richmond where he was an All-American in cross country and track and field. Matt was 9th at the 2010 NCAA Outdoor Championships in the 10,000m. Right after college he joined Team USA Minnesota and then moved Flagstaff, Arizona a year later.

Matt represented the United States in 2014 at the World Half Marathon Championships and in 2015, Matt finished 2nd at the USA Marathon Championships. After finishing 6th at the 2016 Olympic Trials in the marathon, Matt dealt with a few years of serious injuries that required three surgeries.

In this episode, Matt talks about coming back from injuries and running the Berlin Marathon last year, starting his coaching business, joining Dark Sky Distance, and his experience with having COVID-19.

This episode was guest hosted by Lauren Floris of the Up + Running Podcast.

Photo credit: Evan Barnes

What we talked about: 

3:10- Introduction to Matt Llano

4:30- The decision to run for the University of Richmond and how his collegiate career lead him to run professionally

11:00- Starting his coaching business, Find Your Fast.

14:15- How many athletes he works with and what types of distances he helps train them for

16:40- Matt’s favorite thing about coaching other people

19:00- Recapping his Berlin Marathon race last year

24:00- His thoughts on the Olympic Trials race and coming off of the trials with everything getting cancelled

27:15- Joining Dark Sky Distance

32:30- The meaning behind the Dark Sky Distance name

34:40- His favorite Under Armour products

38:35- Matt’s experience with being diagnosed with COVID-19 and how he has worked with various doctors to figure out how to come back to training safely

49:35- Hobbies that he has picked up during 2020

1:04:15- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:

It Gets Better 


The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

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