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Episode 282: Sinclaire Johnson- 2019 1500M NCAA Champion joins the Bowerman Track Club

Sinclaire Johnson recently joined the Bowerman Track Club to pursue her Pro running career! She is originally from Florida and went on to run at Oklahoma State University. Making huge improvements each year during her time at Oklahoma, she took the 2019 NCAA title in the 1500m in 4:05.98, coming in to beat the reigning champion Jess Hull. (Fun fact- Jess will also be a guest on the podcast soon!)

In 2019, she gave up her last year of eligibility at Oklahoma to turn pro when she signed with Nike and that summer she competed in the USA championships in the 1500 placing 4th in a stacked field alongside Jenny Simpson, Nikki Hiltz, Kate Grace, Shelby Houlihan and more… just missing making the Worlds team by one place. It’s going to be fun to watch Sinclaire get in the mix with these women more in the coming years, especially as she begins her journey training with the Bowerman Track Club!

In this episode we talk about why she decided to go Pro with one year left of eligibility, what she’s most excited about with training with the Bowerman Track Club, having Shalane Flanagan as a new coach alongside Jerry Shumacher and so much more!

If you love my conversation with Sinclaire- I pulled out 15 minutes of our chat and that’s over on my patreon page just for supporters if you’re looking for a little bonus!


What we talked about:

3:15- Why she decided to train with Bowerman Track Club and her recent move

11:40- Signing with Nike after winning NCAAs and deciding to leave collegiate running before her eligibility was up

16:00- Sinclaire’s mindset going into the 2019 NCAA Championships

17:45- What changed in her training and mindset from 2018 to 2019 and how she had the big improvements in her performances

22:40- Athletes that have inspired her throughout her career

26:00- Recapping the 2019 USA Championships where she finished 4th

33:35- What her life currently looks like having just moved to Portland

35:25- What it feels like to join a group with world class athletes

37:30- What her current workouts and training plan looks like

48:45-Being coached by Shalane Flanagan

55:40- End of podcast questions


Show Notes: 

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Brene Brown’s Podcast with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington

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