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Episode 275: Megan and David Roche – Some Work All Play

Megan and David Roche of Some Work All Play coaching are on the show today and I can’t even begin to describe how much fun they were to record with. What an amazing duo! They are the authors of the popular book “The Happy Runner” and coach dozens of amazing runners around the World. Learn more about Megan and David here:

Megan is the 2016 USATF Trail Runner of the Year at the ultra and sub-ultra distances. She is a five-time national champion, a North American Mountain Running Champion, and a six-time member of Team USA. She graduated from Duke University with a degree in Neuroscience and received her M.D. from Stanford Medical School. At Stanford, she is doing a PhD in epidemiology, focused on population health and genetics for athletes.

Megan started coaching with SWAP in 2016 with the premise that she could help athletes learn to love the process of training, embrace their inner ninja, and recover using a Taco Tuesday approach. 

David is the 2014 USATF Trail Runner of the Year at the sub-ultra distance. He is a two-time national champion and three-time member of Team USA. He graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Environmental Science and received a master’s degree and law degree from Duke University.

David started the SWAP team in 2013, with the premise that he could help athletes learn to live like puppies and run like rockstars while not giving a f#ck about things that aren’t important.

Megan and David came back on for an extended 30 minutes for patreon supporters as well – make sure you check that out!


What we talked about:

5:45- Their book, The Happy Runner

7:10- The process of writing the book together and how they divided the writing

10:20- How and why Megan decided to start coaching with Some Work All Play instead of going to residency after medical school

13:40- What David learns from Megan from her science background while working together as coaches

15:45- What David has pulled from his law background and how he integrates it into coaching

18:00- Why David started Some Work All Play coaching

20:20- Communicating with athletes

30:30- Their podcast, the joy that it brings them and what it has taught them

35:10- What their coaching mission is

37:30- Their process of intaking athletes and assessing their mental health and mentality around running

39:35- How they bring the joy back if an athlete lost their passion for running

41:35- Coaching an athlete that is afraid of failure

44:30- Listening to music while running

45:10- Deciding who coaches which athletes

46:10- Creating a community and connecting their athletes with each other

48:10- How their coaching has changed with COVID-19 and the race cancellations

51:45- The importance of not always being in your best shape, the benefits of consistency, and the importance of a rest day

56:00- What their rest days look like

56:55- The hormonal balance and how rest days play into that

1:00:40- How they coach athletes that are injury prone

1:07:05- Encouraging athletes to look at the big picture and put running into perspective

1:08:30- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:

Some Work All Play

The Happy Runner

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